Undated Letter from Brother Joseph Mobberly - Most Likely Written in the Mid-1820s

Rev'd Father this little sketch showing the lawfulness of slavery and the probable origins of the colours of the Africans and Indians is very defective -- a want of time and my not having a general knowledge of the authors who have written on these subjects, are the causes of my failure -- Should your Rev'ce think that this treatise may ever be of service, and if you can send me some useful hints on these subjects, I should then be enabled to review it and render it more satisfactory.

If I have made any blunders in doctrinal points your charity will know how to correct them --

This and my Memorandum of Facts & c. I partly made out in the last Augt. vacation by way of amusement & not to lose my time. The book entitled "Long's Expedition to the Rocky Mountains," & which I have quoted, was published last year -- It is a work of much credit, & of considerable merit. The Expedition was fitted out by Government, for the purpose of exploring the western wiles of teh Missouri and Red Rivers.

J.P. Mobberly