The following letter is from Father Francis Neale of St. Thomas' Manor plantation to Reverend Doctor Dzierozynski at Georgetowne College. Father Neale's letter is in reference to two seperate issues. The first issue involves the sale of "his best negroe hand". This slave's wife and three daughters have a different master who must sell them. Father Neale wishes to keep the family together, however he cannot afford to buy the wife and three children; therefore, he sees the sale of the husband as the only way to try to keep the family together. The second issue concerns debts incurred from transporting slaves to St. Inigo's and the lost work time of these borrowed slaves. Father Neale asks Dzierozynski to respond to this request, and also to consider his appeal for two additional slaves for St. Thomas's Manor.

Accepi 13. Jan. 1826
Port Tobo md -
January 11th}

Rev'd Doctor Dzorinsky [sic].
George Town College
Dis't- Columbia

George Town

Rev'd & Dr Fr<,/p>

My many and I may say duty calls to the sick, & my having attended -------- during all Christmas have put it out of my power to write to you. I find it necessary to inform your Rev'd that this Family must loose her best Negroe hand for labor- the reason is his wife belongs to another person & their master has ordered her & her children to be soled [sic]. I cannot buy her, too much is demanded. $500 for her & her three children- they are all girlsof which we have 10 or 12 already in our family. I shall be obliged to sell our Man not to separate Man & Wife. I have spoken to the owner of the wife he says he cannot admit her into his family at Washington he has too many ----- - our carpenter Charleshas not as yet returned from St. Inigo's to which place he was taken to work for the corporation. Nothing was paid by St. Inigo's in return for all my expenses incurred for sending down the slaves, & loss of time by those who conveyed them down to St. Inigo's. I did ask your Rev'd if the promise made by the last agent ( to afford the assistance of two men to St. Thomas' Manor) could be comply'd with ? I have not received any effectual answer. I am called to another sick person & must conclude

I remain Rev'd Fr affectionately yrsin Christ--

Francis Neale
St. Thomas's Manor
10 Jan.ry 1826