Excerpts from Revd. Father Peter Kenney' Visitation Report

This is an excerpt which comes from a summary of Kenny's visit to the Jesuit plantations and Georgetown college. He makes various recommendations ranging from what to do about the noviship to slavery.

Aug. 28, 1832

Measures proposed & discussed in a Special Consultation with the Consultors both of the mission & of the College of Georgetown & by their recommendation to the Superior to be by him submitted to the consideration of Adm. R. Father General.


In an extraordinary Consultation held on the 2d day of August 1832 Revd. Father Peter Kenney Visitor & Superior of the Mission of the Society of Jesus in the United States of North America determined, that the following measures therein proposed, discussed and most ernestly recommended to him by the Consultors both of the Mission & the College should be most respectfully submitted to the Consiteration of Very Revd Father General & that for this purpose the result of this consultation should be sent to Rome with the Revd. F. McSherry the Procurator of the Mission -

3. The Superior proposed the plan, which he meant to adopt in the Visitation of each hour on the question so strongly recommended by the General to visitor's attention. Whether it might be expedient to sell, or otherwise dispose of our landed property - He showed the paradigmia of the questions on the subject in all it's bearings {the}(strike through) of the uniform items to be received in each house, which were all to be laid before the consultors at the close of the Visitation. together with the arguments pro & con with the names of the fathers & on the one & the other side, that they might have both reason and authority for each slave (?) of the question that then they were to give their opinions the merits of the case & to write each one privately to the General - this plan was approved & approved by all -

7. That the State of public feeling on the subject of slavery & the other disadvantages attending the system be accurately & in detail made known to the General with a view of obtaining his sanction for the adoption of some arrangement that will gradually liberate this Mission from such servants & substitute free labourers in thier place. -- This proposal was decidedly objected to by one Consultor and another consented to it with an emphatic observation that great caution and circumspection should be used in the details and execution of any system, that should be adopted - all others warmly recommended it.