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December 31, 2011 – The New Zealand Association of Scientists awarded Professor Geoffrey B. Jameson with the Marsden Medal for 2011. Jameson served on the faculty of Georgetown’s Chemistry Department from 1982-1993 as an assistant and associate professor.

According to the New Zealand Association of Scientists, the Marsden Medal “is awarded for a lifetime of outstanding service to the cause or profession of science, in recognition of service rendered to the cause or profession of science in the widest connotation of the phrase.”

Upon conferring the award, the association cited Jameson’s “sustained record of leadership and service to New Zealand science and his outstanding contribution to the chemical sciences.”

At Massey University, Jameson is a Professor of Structural Chemistry and Biology and the Director of the Centre for Structural Biology. In 2010, Massey University awarded Jameson the Massey University Medal for individual research. At Massey, Professor Jameson's area of research includes crystallography, specifically dealing with problematic crystal structures. While at Georgetown, his research focused on inorganic and structural chemistry.

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