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Research: Honors Thesis


  • Joseph R. Cendagorta, "Hydrophilic Iteractions in Alcohol-Water Mixtures" (Prof. Itchiye)
  • Timothy P. Dougherty, "Development of Molecular Cavitands for Potential Applications in Gas Separations and Storage" (Prof. Holman)
  • Allison R. Harrigan, "Towards a Functional Model of pMMO: Potential Applications in Gas Separations and Storage" (Prof. Warren)
  • Maria I. Qayyum, "Studying the Binding of the Small Molecule 10074-A4 and Dervatives to the bHLH-Zip Domain of c-Myc" (Prof. Metallo)
  • Lindsay Wise, "Mechanisms of Virulence in Rickettsia" (Prof. Yang)
  • Fanny Yeung, HPLC Investigation of the Rotational Energy Barrier of Atropisomeric Peptoids and Copper Catalyzed C-N Bond Formation with N-Heterocycles and Aryl Halides" (Prof. Wolf)


  • Michael P. Campbell, “Two-Step Method for the Synthesis of Cryptophane-111 and Derivatives” (Prof. Holman)
  • Elizabeth J. Hanna, “A Comparative Study of Cyclic Voltammetry of Catecholamines at Conducting Polymer Electrodes” (Profs. Metallo & Rubinson)
  • Mark H. Hanscom, “Determination of the Effectiveness & Applicability of Using Zinc Oxide Nanorods to Detect the Helicase Activity of DEN2 Non-structural Protein 3” (Prof. Hahm)
  • Daria L. Huang, “Copper Catalyzed Amination of C-H Bonds with Unactivated Amines” (Prof. Warren)
  • Lauren J. Kronthal, “A Background in Chemistry Helps Students Learn and Understand Biology” (Profs. Stoll & Wimp)
  • Gregory Manas, “Synthesis of Water Soluble, [(η5-C5Me5)Ru11]+ Functionalized Cryptophanes” (Prof. Holman)
  • Kyle D. Pires, “Mn12 Ligand Exchange for the Control of Self-Assembly” (Prof. Stoll)
  • Zachary Reese, “The Synthesis and Characterization of PbSe and EuSe nanowires” (Prof. Stoll)
  • Julia H. Roberts, “Stability of Conducting Polymer Electrodes: Implications for Biomedical Applications” (Profs. Metallo & Rubinson)
  • Holly Tao, “Butryl Substituted Poly(Vinyl Alchohol)/Borax Gel-Like Dispersions” (Prof. Weiss)


  • Mohammed Ali, “C-H Bond Aminiation via Cu(I)-β-diketiminate and Cu(I) bis(phosphinoimino)methanide Catalysts” (Prof. Warren)
  • Matthew Carpiniello, “Hydroformylation of Aziridines: Part of a 4-Step Synthesis of β3-Amino Acids” (Prof. Moasser)
  • Erin Mulholland, “Lanthanum Doping of Europium Sulfides” (Prof. Stoll)
  • Steven Ryckbosch, “Synthesis and Electrochemical Analysis of Shape-Controlled Au@Pt core@shell Nanoparticles” (Prof. Tong)
  • Karinne Van Groningen, “Synthesis and Study of Fluorescence Properties of N-butyl-N-methyl-3-(pyren-1-yl)propan-1-amine in ethyl acetate and poly(alkyl methacrylate)s” (Prof. Weiss)
  • Andrew Walls, “Application of DBTAA Macrocycles: Carbon Dioxide Reduction and Glucose Sensing” (Prof. Rubinson)
  • Bethany Zablotsky, “Alanine Scan of a Small Molecule Binding to Myc Oncoprotein” (Prof. Metallo)
  • Ashley Zacca, “Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of Au Core-Pt Shell Nanocubes” (Prof. Tong)


  • Nick Calta, “Synthesis and Characterization of Lanthanide Chalcogenide Semiconducting Nanoparticles” (Prof. Stoll)
  • Tim Costales, “Identifying Novel Actin-associated Proteins in Giardia lamblia: Determining the Interaction of Cytoskeletal Protein Alpha-1 Giardin and Actin” (Profs. Elmendorf & Metallo)
  • Charles Hong, “Covalent binding and conformational changes to mutant p53 by isothiocyanates as a potential mechanism for depletion” (Profs. Chung & Yang)
  • Paul Horn, “Vibrations by Encapsulated Molecules” (Prof. Kertesz)
  • Thomas Hsu-Yao, “Electrocatalytic Activity of Polyoxometalate-Stabilized Pt Nanoparticles” (Prof. Tong)
  • Brian Lee, “Development of Conducting Polymer Electrodes for Neuroscience Applications” (Prof. Rubinson)
  • Michael Manas, “Analysis of the Reactivity of Nitric Oxide with Nickel in the β-Diketiminate and Tris(pyrazolyl) Borate Frameworks” (Prof. Warren)
  • Jacqueline McCabe, “A Kinetic Analysis of Chloroquine Transport in Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Parasites: Investigating Evidence for Counterflow and Time Dependent Binding” (Prof. Roepe)
  • Matthew Miessau, “Small Molecule Inhibition of the c-Myc Oncoprotein: Recognition of Short Linear Sequences by Small Molecules” (Prof. Metallo)
  • Allison O’Rourke, “Synthesis of Peptide Side Chains for Gadolinium (III) DOTA Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agents” (Prof. Moasser)
  • Lindsey Roeker, “Lysozyme Crystallization on Siloxane Monolayers” (Prof. Swift)
  • Michael Roumanos, “Approaches to Computational Crystal Modeling” (Prof. Kertesz)
  • Kamil Stefanowski, “Development of an in-vivo electrode for real-time GABA monitoring” (Prof. Rubinson)
  • Cameron Sweeney, “Biocompatibility and Sensing Capabilities of Conducting Polymer-Coated Electrodes” (Prof. Rubinson)
  • Louisa Warren, “Detecting Pin-1 and PSA Activity Using Bioactivatable MRI Contrast Agents” (Prof. Moasser)


  • David An, “Computational Methods Calculation of Reduction Potentials of Ferredoxins” (Prof. Ichiye)
  • Gilda Bobele, “Developing New Inhibitors of the Metalloprotease in Botulinum Neurotoxin A.” (Prof. Yang)
  • Jonathan P. Brower, “Elucidating the Mechanism of Antiplasmodial Activity of Quinoline Methanols” (Prof. Roepe)
  • Breeana Grogan, “The Consequences of Binding to Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: A Study of the Myc:Max Oncoprotein System” (Prof. Metallo)
  • Victoria Harrison, “The Fabrication and Applications of a Polymer-Modified Electrode” (Prof. Rubinson)
  • Andrew Lambour, “Structural and Functional Analysis of the Newly Evolved Extensions in Human Lysyl- and Arginyl-tRNA Synthetases” (Prof. Yang)
  • Steven Menez, “Toward Crytophane Synthesis via Dynamic Covalent Chemistry” (Prof. Holman)
  • Eric Nellis, “Macrosolute Effects on Multi-branched DNA Structures” (Prof. Metallo)
  • Katherine Nickley, “An Investigation of pH Dependency in the β-Hematin Formation Process and the Relationship between in vivo and in vitro Antimalarial Activity Using a Novel Assay” (Prof. Roepe)
  • Jarred Reed, “Binding of Myc-Max Dimer to the E-Box Sequence Via the Monomer Pathway” (Prof. Metallo)
  • Joseph Reilly, “Isolation and Purification of Aryl Sulfonates Via [CpFe]+- Facilitated SNAr Reactions” (Prof. Holman)
  • Martin Tabor, “PET Labeling of Biaryl-2,3-dihydroquinazoloinone” (Profs. Brown & Stoll)


  • Kevin Browne, “Synthesis and Characterization of Polyoxometallate-Protected Pt Nanoparticles” (Prof. Tong)
  • Daniel Dooley, “Characterization of Binding Constants and Electrocatalytic Properties of Dibenzotetraaza[14]annulenes” (Prof. Rubinson)
  • Luise Hampl, “Interactions of DNA functionalized Gold Nanoparticles under Standard and Crowded Conditions” (Prof. Metallo)
  • Katrina Heyrana, “Controlling Crystal Polymorphism with Self-Assembled Monolayers” (Prof. Swift)
  • Chris MacKay, “Macro-cosolute Effects Upon Duplex Nucleic Acids” (Prof. Metallo)
  • Chris McGrath, “Molten Sodium/Potassium Hydroxide Eutectics” (Prof. Stoll)
  • Thuy Nguyen, “Tuning the Electrocatalytic Activity of Platinum Nanoparticles by Shape and Size Control” (Prof. Tong)
  • Ayodele Ogunkoya, “Ligand Effects In the Ruthenium Bifunctional Hydrogenation of Aldehydes and Ketones” (Prof. Moasser)
  • John Paul Pestano, “Regioselective Copper-Catalyzed Carbon-Nitrogen and Carbon-Sulfur Bond Formation Using Amines, Thiols and Halobenzoic Acids and Enantioselective Fluorescence Sensing of Chiral Compounds” (Prof. Wolf)
  • Latoya Silverton, “Protected Silver Nanoparticles” (Prof. Tong)
  • Kenneth Vaz, “Cadmium and Nickel in the ß-diketiminate and tris(pyrazolyl) borate frameworks” (Prof. Warren)           
  • Elizabeth Yogiaveetil, “Analysis of the Regulation and Function of Ciona intestinalis SoxB2” (Prof. Yang)


  • Vaishali Amin, “Synthesis and In Vitro Antimalarial Activity of 4-Alkylthioquinoline Chloroquine Derivatives” (Prof. Roepe)
  • Caitlyn Faller, “Solution Structures of Antimalarial Drug-FPIX μ-oxo Dimer complexes at Atomic Resolution” (Prof. de Dios)
  • Kun-Hae Kim, “Additive Effects on Uric Acid Dihydrate (UAD) Crystal Growth and Its Thermal Properties” (Prof. Swift)
  • Shaan Kataria, “Analysis of β-hematin (hemozoin) Inhibition by Anti-malarial Compounds” (Prof. Roepe)
  • Sharon Lin, “Transcriptional Role of PPK in Polyphosphate Accumulation after DNA Damage in Escherichia coli” (Prof. Metallo)
  • Rhia Martin, “1. Optimization of the Synthesis of a Sterically Crowded Atropisomeric 1,8-Diacridylnaphthalene 2. Development of a C-O Cross-Coupling Method” (Prof. Wolf) 
  • Karina Vivar, “The Effects of Crowding on DNA Stability” (Prof. Metallo)


  • Claire Comfort, “Oxygen Incorporation During the Thermolysis of Thulium Dithiocarbamate” (Prof. Stoll)
  • Morgan Deacon, “Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Dioctyl-Diselenide and Octylselenol-Protected Metal Nanoparticles” (Prof. Tong)
  • Kristin Dew, “Reactivity of Zinc and Cobalt Thiolates with Nitric Oxide” (Prof. Warren)
  • Caitlin E. Fogarty, “Epitaxial Relationships Between Uric Acid Crystals and Mineral Surfaces” (Prof. Swift)
  • Caitlin McMullen, “Solution-Phase Decomposition of Single-Source Precursors to Europium Sulfide Nanoparticles” (Prof. Stoll)
  • Elisabeth Pordes, “Search for Cl -/HCO 3 - Exchanger in Plasmodium falciparum” (Prof. Roepe)
  • Jennifer L. Small, “The Effects of Macromolecular Crowding on the Stability of Nucleic Acid Structures” (Prof. Metallo)
  • Katherine J. Sullivan, “The Sodium/Proton Exchanger within Plasmodium falciparum” (Prof. Roepe)
  • Trevor Wells, “Genomic and Proteomic Comparisons between P. vivax and P. falciparum” (Prof. Roepe)
  • Katheryne Zumberge, “Toward Exo-Functionalized Cryptophanes” (Prof. Holman)


  • Sarah Jarchow-Choy, "HPLC Detection of Neurotransmitters at Polypyrrole Electrodes" (Prof. Rubinson)
  • Catherine Ford, "The Effect of Natural and Synthetic Impurities on Uric Acid Crystal Growth" (Prof. Swift)
  • Michael Moore "Cellular Crowding" (Prof. Metallo)
  • Brian Smith, "Regiospecific Syntheses of Aryl Sulfonates via [CpFe}+-faciltated SNAr Reactions" (Prof. Holman)


  • Benzon M. Dy, “Synthesis and Structural Characterization of the Receptor Binding Domain of Botulinum Neurotoxin A.”
  • Andrew Pogozelski, “Resolution of Racemic DL-Threonine & DL-Asparagine in Agarose Gels” (Prof. Swift)
  • Stephen Varney, “ Crystal Growth Using Self-Assembled Monolayer Templates” (Prof. Swift)
  • Elizabeth Tanzini, “Investigation of Cross-Coupling Reactions Using Palladium Phosphinous Acid Catalysts” (Prof. Wolf)
  • Emily C. Volpe, “A Convenient Method for Determining the Absolute Configuration of Chiral Amines and Enantioselective Hetero-Diels-Alder Reaction Using a Chiral Lewis Acid Catalyst” (Prof. Wolf)


  • Jang E. Cho,  "Gene Transfer by Lentiviral Vectors" (Prof. Arya w/ Prof. Yang co-mentor)
  • Kristin Cox, "Dyeing Uric Acid Crystals with Urorosein and Bismark Brown Y" (Prof. Swift) 
  • Joseph McDermott, "Synthesis and Reactivity of Novel Iron (II) Compounds Supported by a beta-Diketiminate Ligand" (Prof. Warren)
  • Rakesh D. Patel, " Crystal Growth and Racemic Resolution of Asparagine in Gel Media (Prof. Swift)
  • Michael D. Repplinger, "Differential Gene Expression in Multiple Sclerosis" (Prof. Richert w/ Prof Roepe co-mentor)
  • Christina Villalobos, "Structure Elucidation Using Deuterated Mobile Phase LC/MS and Chloride/Iodide Exchange in Hetaryls" (Prof. Wolf)


  • Anu Abraham, "A Theoretical Study of Two Systems: 31P Shielding Tensors
    of Dialkyldithiophosphates and 13C Chemical Shifts of Octanethiols Adsorbed on Gold Nanoparticle Surfaces" (Prof. deDios)
  • Kateri Dubay, "Quinoline Antimalarials and Ferriprotoporphyrin IX Interactions: The Influence of Vacuolar Conditions on Aggregation and Binding" (Prof. Roepe)
  • Kathleen Mar, "Modeling Vibrational Energy Transfer Among Pairs of Linear Triatomic Molecules" (Prof. Bates)
  • Heather Wiencko, "Synthesis and Reactivity of New Organometallic Nickel Complexes" (Prof. Warren)

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