2011 Georgetown Chemistry REU Alumni

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Left to Right: Arash Banisafar, Evan Green, Vinay Trivedi-Parmar, Marissa Milchak,
Zach Fox, Chardai Grays, Tyler Farnsworth, Rochelle Osborne, Jessica Lucas

Participants and Their Research:

Arash Banisafar, Michigan State University (‘13)
“Is the Cup Half Empty or Half Full: Functionalizing Guest Free Cavitands” (Prof. Holman)

Tyler Farnsworth, University of South Carolina Upstate (‘13)
“Interesting Materials from Polysiloxanes via Simple Chemistry” (Prof. Weiss)

Zach Fox, University of Utah (’12)
“Study of Anisotropy in van der Waals Radii for Sulfur and Phosphorus using the CSD and Computational Theory” (Prof. Kertesz)

Chardai Grays, Dillard University (’13)
“Search for an Autophagy Pathway in Plasmodium falciparum” (Prof. Roepe)

Evan Green, Reed College (’13)
“Is .NO Stabilization the Answer? Modeling Type 1 Copper RSNO Intermediates” (Prof. Warren)

Jessica Lucas, Simmons College (’12)
“Synthesis of Shape Controlled AU Nanoparticles and Pt Deposition” (Prof. Tong)

Marissa Milchak, Washington & Jefferson College (‘12)
“Nanoscale Polymeric Structures as Biotemplates: Towards High-Throughput, High Density Protein Sensors” (Prof. Hahm)

Rochelle Osborne, Howard University (‘12)
“Crystal Growth and Polymorphism in m-Substituted Diphenyl Ureas” (Prof. Swift)

Vinay Trivedi-Parmar, Skidmore College (’12)
“Drug Discovery for the Treatment of Giardia Lamblia” (Prof. Wolf)