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Poster Sessions and Display Material

Rollup PosterPricing and poster material (paper or synthetic 'cloth' options) are listed below. Our size limitation is about 44 inches by eight feet for premium posters. For 'economy' prints and synthetic cloth, the maximum dimension is 36" x whatever length you wish.


Client-created Rollups

The most common file formats we see are in PowerPoint or PDF. If you are bringing in a poster created in another application, please call us first to see if we are able to print it. We are happy to offer some tips on sizing and legibility if you are just starting out. You may wish to contact us before you begin designing your poster in PowerPoint...or visit our PowerPoint Poster Tutorial Page for some instruction. Also, you can download a Poster template to start your poster.

If you bring your poster to us for printing, we encourage you to bring in a hard copy proof on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. We want to make sure that what we print is what you have designed. If you request we make a proof print for more accurate proofing, we can print out a proof print on our large-format printer so you can see actual colors. For those we charge $12. If you are unable to come by our office to drop by a CD, you may email your poster to us.

Of course we can design your poster for you as well. Just send us the content in either Word or PowerPoint. Any photographs or diagrams should be brought to us as separate files. TIFF or JPEG file formats are preferred. Do not use indexed-color or GIF files. Also, keep in mind that images taken off the web, in most cases, are not of adequate resolution for printing on large roll-ups and likely would appear pixellated in your poster. Design includes one 11 x 17 printed proof or an emailed PDF proof, whichever you prefer.

Sending files (posters, etc.) for printing? Please use:
Since email is not 100% reliable and large files may take a while to transfer, make sure to call the front desk (202-687-1012) after you've sent your file, so we know to expect them. In your email let us know how you would like to arrange for payment -- whether a personal credit card, GU ProCard, or a Cost Center (GMS Work Tags). Also, if your file is particularly large, like over 10 megs, please call us to make different arrangements for emailing.

Unfortunately we cannot accept Flashdrives since we have received a number of tenacious viruses from them.

We Offer Two Qualities of Poster Prints at Different Pricing:

The Economy Poster Print. This is charged at $6/square foot. These posters are great for one-time use at meetings. However, the inks are not waterproof, so make sure you keep posters away from moisture. Prolonged exposure to light will cause them to fade over time. Only PowerPoint files accepted. You must have your poster designed, proofread, and ready to print. Final poster print must be 36" in shortest dimension. Please bring in a proof print on 8 1/2 x 11 so we can compare fonts, text flow, images, etc. Please use only white backgrounds for these posters (in some cases a very light solid shading will be acceptable). Please do not use patterns or images in the background. Posters with solid or graded background colors or with images will likely need to be printed at the premium print rate (see below). Also, fill colors using a percentage of transparency do not print correctly, so they are to be avoided. Here are common poster sizes and pricing for the economy print:

36 x 56 inch poster = $84
3 x 5-foot poster = $90;
3 x 6 foot poster = $108

The Premium Poster Print on Paper. This poster is charged at $12/square foot for white backgrounds, $14 for solid color backgrounds or images, which use more ink. This better-quality printer uses Ultrachrome inks which are waterproof and light-resistant... perfect for posters you wish to display for weeks to years. Note that percentage of transparency in fill colors do not print correctly, so they are to be avoided (PowerPoint).

The Synthetic Material 'Foldable' Poster. These are becoming more popular for air travelers as the poster can be folded and stuck in carry-on baggage. Creasing is miniimal once poster is pinned up. Pricing is the same as for Premium Paper Poster. Ask to see a sample!

Common poster sizes and pricing for the premium & synthetic prints (light backgrounds):

3 x 5-foot poster = $180;
36" x 56" = $168
3 x 6-foot poster = $216

Containers for Roll-up posters

For the convenient transport of your poster, we offer a white three-sided cardboard shipping tube for $5 each. These tubes will easily accommodate one or more 3 ft. x 5+ ft. posters. For posters larger than 36" in the shortest dimension, we recommend the client purchase their own poster tube (for example, from The Container Store or Office Depot).

Poster Sessions - Individual Pieces Mounted on Poster Board

We offer many options to fit your budget. We can format your content and print them out on 8 1/2 x 11 pages or 11 x 17 for mounting on individual colored poster board panels. We can also provide you with a 40-inch poster title banner. If you prefer, we can simply mount pages that you bring in (most economical).

Other Display Materials

With our large-format printer, we can easily print signs, vinyl banners for meetings, enlargements of photographs for tabletop exhibits or floor-to-ceiling exhibits, large hallway announcements, etc.---all in high-resolution, vibrant color. We offer many mounting and lamination options.