2. Identify relationships and relationship factors that are important to him/her.

Section 2 Exercise 2 Choose your patient

Overview: This exercise encourages you to recognize how quickly you form impressions, and to recognize how your own history and experience modulates those impressions. If you have already had experiences with patients, modify your answer to reflect clinical experiences you have had.

Ronald Mueck creates life-like sculptures which, according to Peter-Klaus Schuster, a curator, "nonetheless possess an enigmatic, magical quality theat defied facile interpretation." For beginning students: Choose one of the 'patients' below. Write a brief paragraph about who you imagine this patient to be. How will you interact with this patient? What does your choice tell you about what you look for in your future career in the health professions? For all students: What effect does the fact that these are three-dimensional sculptures have on you? What does the viewer get out of looking at them?

Ron Mueck, "Ghost," 1998, Mixed media, Tate Gallery, Liverpool

"Mother and Child," 2001, Mixed Media Collection Brandenhorst, Germany

"Old woman in bed," 2000/2002, Mixed Media Art Gallery of New South Wales

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