3. Understand the health
benefits of meaningful relationships.

Section 2 Exercise 3 My Father's Autopsy

After having read Gewanter's poem answer the following discussion questions.

  1. Consider the poem as a depiction of two fundamental but contrasting ways of relating to the world. What are they? Does Gewanter think they are irreconcilable? Do you?
  2. List character traits and personal qualities that distinguish father and son.
  3. Write a brief paragraph explaining how this poem can help understand the difference between the art and the science of medicine.
  4. Consider the last lines, "As I cover this pan with pages/he is alive on another one." What do they mean?

The accompanying links may be helpful to you in exploring the meaning of this poem. 1) The clinical correlate links to an article discussing the conflict between two fundamental approaches toward medicine. Clinical correlate 3 Two cultures: The art and science of medicine 2) The link to unit 2 takes you to exercises dealing with anatomical dissection. A medical student's experience in anatomy class can potentially invoke conflicting feelings, relating to scientific exploration on the one hand and violation of a dead person's body on the other. Unit 2 "The body in pieces" Exercise 1: Anatomy lessons. 3) Finally, the annotation examines the poem in detail, providing a line-by-line interpretation. Your instructor may allow you to access this after you have completed your assigned exercise. Annotation