Information Assurance Related Classes

Georgetown University provides a broad variety of classes that are are related to Information Assurance. These classes range from technical courses to courses that cover operations and policy. Below we list all courses with Information Assurance content by school and department.

Georgetown College

Department of Computer Science

COSC 350 - Codes and Ciphers
COSC 352 - Information Assurance
COSC 511 - Information Warfare

Georgetown Law

LAWG-080 - Global Cybercrime Law
LAWJ-130 - Deterring Computer Crime Seminar
LAWJ-442 - Intellectual Property Seminar: Theoretical Foundations of Intellectual Property

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Communication, Culture & Technology

CCTP-692 - Privacy and Security: Creating Trust in Globally Networked Societies
CCTP-699 - Implications of Ubiquitous Network Devices
CCTP-737 - The Future of the Internet

McDonough School of Business

OPIM-255 - Emerging Issues in Information Systems

School of Foreign Service

Security Studies

SEST-521 - Theory and Practice of Intelligence
SEST-550 - Core in Technology and Security
SEST-551 - Science, Technology, and Homeland Security
SEST-558 - Technology and Intelligence
SEST-562 - Emerging Technologies and Security

Science, Technology & International Affairs

INAF-100-107 SFS Proseminar - The Internet in a Changing World
STIA-305 - Science & Technology in the Global Arena
STIA-432 - Technology and Intelligence
STIA-472 - Internet in a Changing World