Lombardi Shared Resources Host Research Symposium

June 24, 2010

On June 22, Georgetown Lombardi Shared Resources hosted their first Shared Resources Symposium which featured posters highlighting the science and services offered by each Shared Resource, presentations by several Shared Resource directors, and tours of several Shared Resource sites.

V. Craig Jordan, PhD, OBE, DSc, Scientific Director at Lombardi opened the ceremony with a brief welcome and praise for the Shared Resources researchers. “I’ve been to four other cancer centers and I’ve never seen such an incredible display of research resources,” said Jordan. Stephen Byers, PhD, associate director of Shared Resources addressed a standing room only audience in the research building auditorium emphasizing the value and diversity of offerings that the Shared Resources are able to provide.

Following the overview by Jordan and Byers, Habtom Ressom, PhD, and Catalin Marian, MD, PhD, co-directors of the Genomics & Epigenomics Shared Resource (GESR), presented the variety of new services offered by the GESR. The GESR provides microarray services (Agilent and Affymetrix), DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, pyrosequencing and real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for gene expression and genotyping studies. It also houses user-operated specialized instrumentations, including spectrophotometers, infrared imagers, and microplate readers, for which the shared resource personnel provide technical support and training.

The final presentation featured a description of the Familial Cancer Registry (FCR) by Claudine Isaacs, MD, associate professor of Oncology and director of the FCR. Isaacs wowed the researchers with detailed test results from several generations of individuals at high-risk for breast cancer. Full data sets are available from the FCR on women who test negative for a known familial mutation as well as women who test negative after full BRCA1/2 testing in addition to data on BRCA1/2 mutation carriers.

Attendees were invited to chose from three shared resource facility tours: Flow Cytometry, Microscopy, Preclinical Imaging, and Tissue culture (New Research Building); Histopathology and Proteomics/Metabolomics (Preclinical Science Blg); and Genomics and Epigenomics and Clinical and Molecular Epidemiology (Lower level of Lombardi). Attendees were also given Shared Resource t-shirts, pens and magnets bearing the popular slogan “Do It with Shared Resources”.

For more information on Lombardi Shared Resources visit the Shared Resources website, Directory of Contacts or Directory of Resources Capabilities.

Author: Nkem T. Wellington