Brandon Carrington Lee Foundation Supports its “Team” at Georgetown Lombardi

November 1, 2012

The Brandon Carrington Lee Foundation has demonstrated its commitment to fighting pediatric cancer through research and patient care by presenting a check for $50,000 to the Pediatric Hematology Oncology Clinic at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

On September 14, 2012, during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, foundation representatives presented the check to support the clinic’s staff and its Pediatric Palliative Care Program.

After a two-year fight, Brandon Carrington Lee passed away in 2003 at age 14 from osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. He was treated by Aziza Shad, MD, chief of the Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.
Brandon’s parents, Tina and Jefferi, along with his brother Jefferi, represented the foundation at the ceremony.

"When Brandon was diagnosed with cancer we joined a team we could never get off of — the team for kids with cancer. We had to find a coach and after searching across the country and around the world we asked Dr. Shad to lead our team. We are on this team for life,” said the elder Jefferi Lee.

The Lees are long-time supporters of Georgetown Lombardi. In addition to their current gift to support palliative care, they have previously funded a pediatric cancer research fellowship in the amount of $150,000 to explore the role of ezrin, a protein that plays an essential role in cellular functions, in osteosarcoma. This research, led by Aykut Üren, MD, resulted in a recent study published by Üren and his fellow Georgetown Lombardi researchers in a prestigious medical journal.

“The need to be educated about palliative care extends to everyone in pediatrics, not only oncology. Our entire staff deals with families struggling to make sense of a cancer diagnosis and we need to be prepared to deal with their psychosocial needs as well,” Shad said.

The Pediatric Palliative Care Program is in its beginning stages after being initiated by the Hyundai Hope on Wheels Foundation two years ago. The Lee Family is providing critical support to maintain the level of care that families need when their children are diagnosed with cancer.

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From left to right: Jeff, Tina and Jefferi Lee of the Brandon Carrington Lee Foundation; David Nelson, MD, Chair, Dept. of Pediatrics; Aziza Shad, MD, Chief, Division Pediatric Hematology/Oncology; and Michael Atkins, MD, Deputy Director, Lombardi.