Offie Soldin Receives Second FAMRI Award

Grant Funds Research on Tobacco Smoking

May 25, 2009

Offie Soldin, MD
Offie Soldin, MD

The Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI) has awarded Offie Soldin, PhD, MBA, a $300,000 grant to fund her environmental health research on tobacco smoking. Formed in response to a successful lawsuit seeking compensation for smoke-related injuries, the FAMRI’s mission is to curtail the incidence of death related to tobacco smoke and to increase awareness among health care providers. Through a $300 million settlement from the tobacco industry, the FAMRI funds four types of awards. Dr. Soldin is a second time recipient of a Clinical Innovator Award, which was designed to "stimulate novel medical and clinical scientific research studies on the effects of exposure to tobacco smoke and to foster innovative breakthroughs as well as creative collaborations through these grants." The funding will provide a bridge between the clinic and the laboratory for the critical translation of basic research findings into diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Through her research, Dr. Soldin has found that there is an association between some endogenous steroid hormones and exposure to passive and active cigarette smoking. The research funded by FAMRI will focus on steroid hormone levels and fertility in women of reproductive age and associations with tobacco smoke exposure. Specifically, Dr. Soldin's lab will seek to determine whether women who have had a natural miscarriage had been exposed to cigarette tobacco smoke. The overall goal of the project is to determine if there is an association between smoking, hormone levels, and miscarriage.

Author: Allison Whitney