Paper by GUMC Faculty Member Named Best in Journal for 2008

April 9, 2009

Qian Yang
Qian Yang

A paper written by Qian Yang, PhD, research instructor in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular and Cellular Biology, was selected as the best paper published in the journal Toxicological Sciences in the past year. Dr. Yang is a member of the Fornace laboratory at Lombardi.

The paper, titled "The PPARα- Humanized Mouse: A Model to Investigate Species Differences in Liver Toxicity Mediated by PPARα", was published in the January 2008 issue of Toxicological Sciences (ToxSci 2008, 101:132–139). The journal’s Board of Publications selected this paper as the winner, and presented the honor at the 2009 Society of Toxicology annual meeting.

According to the journal:

“The paper describes the development and phenotypic characterization of a PPARα-humanized transgenic mouse that was generated on a mouse pparα-null background using the complete human PPARα gene (designated hPPARαPAC). Importantly, this model expressed hPPARα in both hepatic and extra-hepatic tissues, including heart, kidney and intestine. The development of this model represents an important new tool for evaluating the physiologic and toxicologic consequences of PPARα activation.”

The paper was written in collaboration with Frank Gonzalez and members of the Laboratory of Metabolism at the National Cancer Institute.

Author: Allison Whitney