New United States Preventive Services Task Force Guidlines on Breast Cancer Screening

Research by Lombardi's Jeanne Mandelblatt Contributes to Evidence

November 16, 2009

Guidelines for mammography and other breast cancer screening methods were updated on November 16
Guidelines for mammography and other breast cancer screening methods were updated on November 16

On Monday, November 16 the United States Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF), a brand of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), released updated guidelines for breast cancer screening.

One of the sources of evidence that the USPSTF used in their discussions about developing the new guidelines was a scientific modeling study conducted by researchers from CISNET, the NCI-funded Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network, of which Lombardi is a member. The lead author of this paper is Jeanne S Mandelblatt, MD, MPH, associate director of population sciences at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. The new guidelines and the CISNET study were published November 17 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Below, you will find information related to the new guidlines and the study by Mandelblatt and colleagues.

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Author: Allison Whitney