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Roche Breast-Cancer Treatment Advances (06/06/12)
The Wall Street Journal

In Study, Drug Delays Worsening of Breast Cancer, With Fewer Side Effects (06/04/12)
New York Times

Drug combination offers new hope in fighting breast cancer (06/04/12)
USA Today

Study: 'Smart bomb' drug attacks breast cancer (06/04/12)

Armed antibody delays spread of certain breast cancers (06/04/12)

Experimental drug offers new way to battle certain breast cancer (06/04/12)
CNN Health

A Meeting of the Medical Minds (05/29/12)
Washington Post

Cancer doctors put competition aside to share treatment options for their patients (05/21/12)
Washington Post

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer draws thousands on first day in D.C. (05/07/12)

More Benefits Than Risks In Mammograms For AT-risk Women In Their 40s (05/02/12)
Red Orbit

Study: Mammogram benefits outweigh risks for some women in their 40s (05/02/12)
CBS News

Health Buzz: Mammograms Smart for Some Women in 40s (05/02/12)
US News & World Report

Mammograms for women in their 40s weighed (05/02/12)
CBC News

Mammogram guidance for women in their 40s (05/02/12)

Two Risk Factors May be Most Relevant in Determining When to Start Regular Breast Cancer Screening (05/02/12)
The Lund Report

Research Shows Mammograms Are Worth Potential Risk (05/02/12)
RTT News

New studies show benefits of every-other-year breast cancer screening in women ages 40-49 (05/02/12)

Benefits Outweigh Risks for Mammograms for Women in 40s (05/02/12)
ABC News

Alum Dick Schlegel Gives Cancer Prevention His Best Shot (04/26/12)
Ward Rounds

Breast cancer toll among black women fed in part by fear, silence (03/20/12)
Washington Post

Garrett Park women walk to find a cure for breast cancer (02/29/12)

GU Researchers Help Discover When Breast Cancer May Recur (12/08/11)
Georgetown University

NIH panel urges research on treating early prostate cancer (12/07/11)
USA Today

Efficacy Of Partial Radiation For Breast Cancer Doubted In New Study (12/06/11)
Huffington Post

New test shows promise for very early breast cancer patients (12/06/11)
Washington Post

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS): Focus on Prevention and Risk Assessment (12/06/11)
Cancer Network

Symposium Looks at Curbing Costs of Cancer Care (12/05/11)
Georgetown University

Nonprofits start courting larger number of small donors (11/10/11)
Washington Business Journal

Gala Raises Cancer Research Funds (11/10/11)
Georgetown University The Hoya

Art Therapy Helps Kids at Local Hospitals (11/04/11)

FDA approves high-tech screening device to help spot early-stage skin cancer (11/04/11)

Boys should get routine HPV vaccination, CDC panel says (10/26/11)

Study Casts Doubt on Cell Phone-Brain Cancer Link (10/24/11)
ABC News

Early Stage Trials Show Advances in Treatment for NHL, Myeloma (10/20/11)
Oncology Times

Start-up Tries Bidding Model to Outsource Academic Research (10/12/11)
Nature Medicine

Former Redskin Jeff Bostic Helping Swing Fore The Cure Against Breast Cancer (10/11/11)
Fox DC

Insight: Nobel Winner's Last Big Experiment: Himself (10/06/11)

Pancreatic Cancer Declining, But Among Most Deadly (10/06/11)
Associated Press

Steve Jobs' Pancreatic Cancer: A Timeline (10/06/11)
ABC News

5 Surprising Signs of Breast Cancer (09/30/11)
MSN Health

Lymphoma Research Ride Raises Nearly a Half Million Dollars for Cancer Research (09/28/11)

Kensington, Garrett Park Women Fight Cancer at Joint Birthday Party (09/27/11)

Study Finds High Levels of BPA in Canned Food for Kids (09/22/11)
Voice of America News

Breast Cancer Risk May Decrease with Vigorous Exercise (09/01/11)

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center: Innovative Steps Toward Individualized Treatment (09/01/11)

Breast Cancer Scarf to Help Local Survivors (08/18/11)
WUSA9 (Link to audio/video content)

High Sex Hormone Ups Breast Cancer Risk (08/13/11)
Times of India

Study sheds new light on breast cancer hormone links (08/12/11)

Despite breakthroughs, gene therapy still a long way from mainstream (08/12/11)

New cancer treatament draws attention (08/11/11)

Care of Cancer Survivors: Oncologists vs Primary Care Docs (08/04/11)
Medscape News Today

Are There Gaps in Your Cancer Post-treatment Care? (07/26/11)

New Advice on Mammogram Timing (07/26/11)
Wall Street Journal

Doctors Differ on Cancer Survivor Care (07/25/11)

Hugo Chavez Cancer: First Cycle Of Chemotherapy Reportedly Completed (07/22/11)
The Huffington Post

Itchy Scalp Offers Clues to Disease (07/19/11)
The Wall Street Journal

Study urges more individual mammogram guidelines (07/05/11)
Los Angeles Times

Chavez's account of mystery cancer raises questions (07/01/11)

How words have the power to heal (06/29/11)

Roadmap Published for Dynamic Mapping of Estrogen Signaling in Breast Cancer (06/23/11)

Estrogen's Dual Nature? Studies Highlight Effects on Breast Cancer (06/22/11)
Journal of the National Cancer Institute

FDA Approves Cancer Drugs Faster Than European Agency (06/17/11)
Internal Medicine News

Grant Received for New Class of Breast Cancer Treatment (06/13/11)
Blue & Grey - Georgetown University

HIV infected people prone to develop cancer (06/07/11)
Times of India

New Cancer Research Could Bring Hope to High-Risk Women (06/06/11)
Georgetown Patch

Few women taking breast cancer prevention drugs (06/04/11)
USA Today

Scientific Predictions: Profile of Robert Clarke (06/01/11)

Clearing Up Confusion About Estrogen Therapy and Breast Cancer (04/22/11)
Medscape Today

Young Survivors of Childhood Cancer Lead Annual Walk to Raise Awareness About Pediatric Cancer (04/20/11)
PR Newswire

Relay For Life Raises Over $300,000 to Fight Cancer (04/19/11)
The Hoya

Dive Into the Gene Pool: Beth N. Peshkin, Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (04/11/11)
The Washington Post Express

Researchers Use Novel Methods to Identify How Cigarette Smoke Affects Smokers (04/07/11)

Georgetown Seeks to Improve Health Outcomes for the Underserved (04/06/11)
Georgetown University Medical Center

Medical Center Holds Over $28 Million in Recovery Act Grants (04/05/11)
Georgetown University

Breast Milk Cells May Someday Help Predict Cancer (04/04/11)
U.S. News & World Report

Heart Drug May Fight Prostate Cancer (04/04/11)
Science News

AACR Opposes Proposed Cuts to Fiscal Year 2011 Budget (04/03/11)
AACR Bulletin

Death Rate for Lung Cancer Among Women Declines (04/01/11)
USA Today

Lung Cancer Deaths Fall for Women (04/01/11)
The Washington Post

Overhauling Clinical Trials (03/21/11)

D.C. residents urged to take advantage of cancer screening program (03/21/11)
Washington Post

Stellar Day for Scope It Out (03/21/11)
Pamela's Punch

Convocation Showcases Genes' Effect on Drug Response (03/16/11)

A Sluggish March Toward Cure for Pancreatic Cancer (03/10/11)

Tissue Analysis May Help Predict Breast Cancer Outcome (03/03/11)
MSN Health

Listening to music can prompt the brain to send positive signals throughout the body (02/28/11)
The Washington Post

Early Rituximab Therapy Offers Option for Treating Asymptomatic Follicular Lymphoma (02/10/11)
HemOnc Today

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Taps Ariadne for G-DOC Pathway Data and Tools (02/10/11)

Novo Nordisk Creates First Mobile Application to Help Doctors Diagnose Bleeding Disorders (02/04/11)
Daily Markets

New Clinical Research Study Aims to Prevent Lymphedema in Women Treated for Breast Cancer (02/03/11)

Early Cow's Milk Consumption May Cut Breast-cancer Risk (02/02/11)

News or Nonsense? (02/02/11)

Study: Cancer Prevention May Begin at the Vegetable Stand (02/01/11)
The Hoya

Combined Internet and Telephone Intervention May Facilitate Smoking Cessation (01/10/11)

WBEN Extra: New "Needle In A Haystack" Cancer Test (01/04/11)

Blood Test to Spot Cancer Gets Big Boost from J&J (01/03/11)
Boston Globe

New Cancer Blood Test Heading to Market (01/03/11)

Teen Honored as Santa Delivers Toys at Georgetown University Hospital (12/15/10)

Hodgkin Lymphoma: New Drug Breakthroughs (12/15/10)
Medscape Today

Ponatinib: The Real Deal for Refractory CML? (12/15/10)
Medscape Today

Breast Inflammation is Key to Cancer Growth, Researchers Say (12/15/10)
Science Daily

Circulating tumor cells correlate with recurrence in early disease (12/13/10)
Cancer Network

Georgetown Jingle Brings the Community Together (12/13/10)
The Patch

Circulating tumor cells may have predictive, prognostic value (12/11/10)

False-Positive Mammograms Linked to Breast Cancer (12/10/10)

Wandering Tumor Cells Predict Poor Outcome (12/10/10)

Early Study Analysis Suggests Exemestane Reduces Breast Density in High Risk Postmenopausal Women (12/09/10)
Science Daily

E-Cigarettes Pose Potentially Serious Health Risk to Consumers (12/07/10)
PR Newswire

Docetaxel May Boost Outcomes For Breast Cancers That Haven't Spread to Lymph (12/01/10)
U.S. News & World Report

Georgetown Database of Cancer: At Last, a Tool for the 21st Century (12/01/10)
Oncology Times

New Treatments for GI Cancers Desperately Needed, but Thoughtfulness and Economy Are Necessary (12/01/10)

Considering Culture When Providing Cancer Care (11/30/10)
NCI Cancer Bulletin

British Study Supports Mammograms for Some Women Under 50 (11/18/10)
US News & World Report

De Smith Co-Chairs Lombardi Cancer Center Gala (11/17/10)
NFL Players Association

7 Cancers You Can Ward Off with Exercise (11/12/10)
My Health News Daily

Lombardi Physician Says Warnings Proposed by HHS Are Critical to Preventing and Reducing Cigarette Smoking (11/11/10)
Health Canal

Lombardi Gala Raises $700,000 for Cancer Center (11/11/10)
The Georgetown Patch

Liquid biopsies could turn cancer field 'upside down' (11/11/10)
Vancouver Sun

Prevention 2010: Interview with Kathryn L. Taylor, Ph.D. (11/09/10)
AACR (Link to audio/video content)

Researchers: Computer Scan Cuts Risk of Lung Cancer Deaths in Smokers (11/08/10)
Voice of America

Results of National Study Show Screening Former, Current Smokers with CT Scans Reduces Death from Lung Cancer (11/05/10)
Health Canal

5,500 Walkers Make Strides Against Breast Cancer in D.C. (11/02/10)
American Cancer Society

Lombardi Research: Robotic Radiosurgery Offers Palliative Care for Hilar Lung Tumors (10/27/10)
Health Canal

Nanomedicine Could Revolutionize Cancer, HIV Research (10/20/10)
New Haven Independent

My Breasts, My Choices (10/19/10)

$4.37 million NCI grant accelerates recent laboratory finding in Ewing's sarcoma (10/18/10)

Komen Foundation Honors 'Father of Tamoxofen' (10/15/10)

Study shows moderate exercise decreases breast cancer chances for black women (10/14/10)
The Examiner

Wineries Support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (10/07/10)
Wine Spectator

Study: Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risks in Black Women (10/02/10)
Afro American

Vigorous exercise could reduce breast cancer risk for postmenopausal African American women (10/01/10)
LA Times

British Embassy and Georgetown Lombardi’s ‘Capital Breast Care Center’ Recognize October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month (10/01/10)
English News

Experimental drug aids kids with nervous system tumor (09/29/10)

Dr. Rebecca Riggins: Taking a Closer Look at Reducing Cancer Risk (09/28/10)
National Institutes of Health

When It Comes to a Lymphoma Diagnosis, One Size Does Not Fit All Read more: When It Comes to a Lymphoma Diagnosis, One Size Does Not Fit All (09/21/10)
Boston Business Journal

Targeted Therapy Triggers Complex Mechanism of Resistance (09/21/10)
Science Daily

Stage II Colon Cancer: Chemo or Not? Find Your Solution (09/21/10)
Colon Cancer Alliance (Link to audio/video content)

Medical Center Researchers Receive Two Pilot Grants (09/17/10)
The Hoya

Clinical Trial For Overweight Breast Cancer Survivors (09/09/10)

What Are the Treatments for Advanced Gastric Carcinoma? (09/09/10)

Chemo for Cancer Patients With HIV May Change (09/09/10)
Georgetown University Office of Communications

Breast cancer specialists brace for FDA word on Avastin (08/31/10)
Cancer Network

Study: Home Pesticides Linked to Childhood Cancer (08/30/10)
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Ovary removal can raise survival of women with high cancer risk (08/30/10)
USA Today

New Studies in Palliative Care (08/24/10)
NPR - Diane Rehm Show

Inner Workings of Gene Tied to Breast, Ovarian Cancer Revealed (08/23/10)
Mental Health Center of Denver

Cancer strategy: Easing the burden (08/19/10)
Boston Globe

Child cancer survivor lends hand to fight disease (08/16/10)
Fredrick News Post

Hyundai Donates to Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (08/13/10)
CSNWashington (Link to audio/video content)

Katie Chapman Serves as Hyundai Hope on Wheels 2010 Ambassador (08/12/10)
YouTube (Link to audio/video content)

Vitamin C or E Do Not Prevent Cancer (08/09/10)
Fit and Health

Investigators FISH for Abnormal Circulating Cells in NSCLC (07/28/10)

Drug developed in Germany could send cancer into remission (07/21/10)

Georgetown University Medical Center and Howard University Receive $38 Million NIH Grant to Form Center for Clinical and Translational Science (07/14/10)

Cheson heads Lymphoma Research Foundation board (07/14/10)
Cancer Network

Cancer Survivors Discover the Power of Blogging (07/13/10)
NCI Cancer Bulletin

Consortium Seeking Best Treatment for HIV-Positive Cancer Patients (07/10/10)
Oncology Times

Shorter Telomere Length Again Linked to Cancer (07/06/10)
MSN Heath & Fitness

Fewer women choose mammogram screening for breast cancer (07/02/10)
The Examiner

Lung Cancer Vaccine Appears Promising (06/30/10)

Researchers suggest new paradigm for breast cancer screening (06/29/10)

Convincing Women to Get Their Mammograms (Or Not) (06/29/10)
Wall Street Journal

Making Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Personal (06/24/10)
Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Won Wins for Cancer Research (06/23/10)
McLean Connection

Breast density linked to cancer risk (06/21/10)
Chicago Tribune

Smoking Rates in the District of Columbia at New Low (06/17/10)
American Cancer Society

Unexpected Results for Adjuvant Cetuximab in Colon Cancer (06/10/10)

Immunomedics Reports First Clinical Experience With New Generation of Bispecific Antibody (06/08/10)

Healthy, Young Adults and the Role Genetics Plays in Improving Health (06/08/10)
Kansas City Infozine

Consortium Seeks Best Treatment for HIV-Positive Cancer Patients (06/07/10)
Science Daily

Researchers Report Treatment Headway Against Lung Cancer (06/05/10)
MSN Heath & Fitness

BATTLE May Redefine Treatment Approach to Lung Cancer (06/01/10)
Clinical Oncology

Bruce Cheson, M.D., F.A.C.P, Assumes Chairmanship of Lymphoma Research Foundation Scientific Advisory Board (06/01/10)
Lymphoma Research Foundation

“Ultimate Think Tank” Next Step in Breast Cancer Research from Susan G. Komen for the Cure (06/01/10)
Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Routine breast cancer biopsy might predict lymph node cancer spread (05/24/10)
Cancer Health

Yoga can improve sleep for cancer survivors, study says (05/21/10)
USA Today

Study: Yoga can improve sleep for cancer patients (05/21/10)

People with AIDS more likely to develop cancers, research says (05/20/10)
Washington Post

Small Tweaks in p53 and Estrogen-Receptor Expression Implicated in Triggering Breast Cancer (05/13/10)
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy: Making Bald Beautiful (05/13/10)
U.S. News & World Report

Slight Changes in Two Key Genes Appear to Launch Breast Cancer Development (05/13/10)
Science Daily

Symposium: Implications for the future of personalize medicine (05/12/10)

Genetic Tests Coming To A Drugstore Near You (05/11/10)
WAMU 88.5 FM

DNA Tests to Be Sold at Walgreens (05/11/10)

Eighth Annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Washington, DC Raises More than $6.5 Million (05/03/10)
Avon Foundation for Women

Estrogen Affects Prostate Cancer Risk (04/26/10)
Ivanhoe Newswire

Tamoxifen V. Raloxifene (04/26/10)

Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Products Overblown (04/24/10)
Wall Street Journal

The Smokeless Tobacco Debate (04/23/10)
The Wall Street Journal

Mammographic density and risk of breast cancer (04/21/10)
e! Science News

Researchers looking for biomarkers that will predict if cancer is likely to spread (04/21/10)

Breast Density Increases Seen as Clue to Rising Cancer Risk, Study Finds (04/20/10)

Lombardi research teams hone in on treatments for osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma (04/20/10)

GUMC Awarded Grant to Develop Smoking Cessation Aids Based on Unconventional Theory of Nicotine Addiction (04/20/10)
Earth Times

Statins May Not Prevent Colon Cancer (04/20/10)

Interview with Louis M. Weiner, M.D., director of the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (04/19/10)
The Gateway for Cancer Research

Avoiding breast cancer false negatives (04/19/10)

Join Troop Thompson, Walk to Raise Money for Breast Cancer (04/19/10)

Routine breast cancer biopsy might predict lymph node cancer spread (04/18/10)

BATTLE Trial Personalizes Lung Cancer Therapy (04/18/10)

Personalized medicine is coming of age in the US (04/15/10)

Experts Urge Fixes for Clinical Trials System in 'Crisis' (04/15/10)

Robert Clarke: A Scientist's Scientist (04/14/10)

Study Suggests How Some Cancers Resist Treatment (04/01/10)
Yahoo! News

Pfizer, Onyx drug offers hope against brain cancer (03/30/10)

Pregnancy May Protect Breast Cancer Survivors (03/25/10)
Yahoo! News

New Prostate Cancer Treatment Going Through Clinical Trials (03/25/10)
Associated Content

Chris4Life Launches Foundation to Raise Money and Awareness for the Fight Against Colon Cancer (03/23/10)

Lombardi receives $7.5 million grant for Breast Cancer Center for Cancer Systems Biology (03/22/10)
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

Virginia Tech selected as partner in breast cancer treatment project (03/22/10)
WSLS - Roanoke, Virginia

Blossom Fever (03/16/10)
Washington Flyer

'Off With Your Hair': Georgetown Students Brave the Shave to Fight Pediatric Cancer (03/15/10)

Reovirus May be a Novel Approach to Prostate Cancer Treatment (03/09/10)
Scientific Frontline

Virus can attack prostate cancer (03/09/10)
Yahoo! News Canada

Cellectar Completes Enrollment in Phase I Clinical Trial of Lead Drug Candidate (131)I-CLR1404 for the Treatment of Solid Malignancies (03/09/10)
Daily Finance

Drink Up, Boost Pancreatic Cancer Risk? (03/07/10)

New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines Unveiled (03/03/10)
Healthday News

Fete of Fashion (03/02/10)
The Hill

Super Heroes Meet Superheroes at Georgetown Medical Center (02/24/10)
NBC Washington (Link to audio/video content)

FDA Approves Rituxan to Treat Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (02/18/10)
Cancer News Today

GUMC Researchers Say Flower Power May Reduce Resistance to Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen (02/16/10)

GUMC's Lombardi Hosts Symposium Exploring Future of Cancer Research and Personalized Medicine (02/12/10)

Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics (02/12/10)
Genome Web Daily News

Few Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer Take Tamoxifen (02/11/10)
HealthDay News

TV war reporter’s biggest battle: Breast cancer (02/11/10)

Health Buzz: Study Ties Soft-Drink Intake to Pancreatic Cancer (02/08/10)
U.S. News & World Report

Researchers look at how creative arts can help patients heal (02/03/10)
The Daily News Tribune

Researchers from Georgetown University describe findings in radiation therapy (02/03/10)
Biotech Week

Relay For Life Kickoff Event Energizes Fundraising Efforts (02/02/10)
The Hoya

Findings from Georgetown University provide new insights into physiology (02/01/10)
Hematology Week

Arts, crafts are helping patients heal (01/28/10)

Leading Lymphoma Expert Joins Perceptive Informatics Team of Medical Imaging Scientific Advisors (01/27/10)
Sun Herald

Doctors, artists explore connection between creativity and healing (01/26/10)
The Canadian Press

Art Exhibit at Cosi Restaurant? Well, Why Not? (01/20/10)
Falls Church Times

Whatever Happened To ... Nina Hyde? (01/17/10)
Washington Post

Experimental Drug Reduces Tumor Resistance to Breast Cancer Therapy (01/05/10)
Science Daily

Stimulus Funding Totals More Than $25 Million (01/05/10)
Blue & Gray

Retired Woodbridge educator spreads words of warning (01/05/10)
Inside NoVA

Five 'eating better' foods to slip into your diet in '10 (01/04/10)
CNN Health

A family’s holiday wish (01/02/10)
Star Exponent

New research could advance research field critical to personalized medicine (01/01/10)
Science Daily

Anti-IGF-1 receptor antibody figitumumab active in sarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma (12/29/09)

Speak Up!! Health CareReform and the Cure for Cancer: Perfect Timing (12/25/09)
Oncology Times

Tumor Suppressor Gene: Gene Function 'Lost' In Melanoma And Glioblastoma (12/24/09)
Science Daily

Two Genes Work in Tandem to Spur Deadliest Brain Cancer (12/23/09)

Two Genes Work in Tandem to Spur Deadliest Brain Cancer (12/23/09)
The Palm Beach Post

$15 million federal funds for new cancer research program (12/17/09)

Concerns about CT scans and the risk of cancer (12/16/09)
Diane Rehm Show (WAMU) (Link to audio/video content)

Fairfax County Police Officers Deliver Gifts to Sick Children (12/16/09)
News Channel 8 (Link to audio/video content)

Putting Circulating Tumor Cells to the Test (12/15/09)
NCI Cancer Bulletin

SABCS: Trastuzumab Dosing During Chemo Vindicated (12/13/09)
Medpage Today

Nexavar may help breast cancer drugs work longer (12/11/09)
Yahoo! News

Scientists see hope in new cancer method (12/09/09)
Washington Times

Where We Are In The Fight Against Cancer (12/08/09)
NPR Talk of the Nation (Link to audio/video content)

Cancer in Perspective (12/08/09)
Bangor Daily News

Soy foods could help breast cancer survivors (12/08/09)
USA Today

For Black Women, Breast Cancer Strikes Younger (12/07/09)
NPR Morning Edition (Link to audio/video content)

Closing the Gap Among Health Disparities (12/07/09)
Blue & Gray

Cancer Researcher Leads Special Journal Focused on Tobacco Research (12/03/09)
Science Daily

Smoking Exposure Now Linked to Colon, Breast Cancers (12/03/09)

Mammograms and politics: Task force stirs up a tempest (11/18/09)
Washington Post

Government Task Force: Mammograms Not Needed Until Age 50; Breast Cancer Survivors Question New Guidelines (11/17/09)
Fox43 News (Link to audio/video content)

Controversial new screening guidelines (11/17/09)
Fox11 News (Link to audio/video content)

New mammogram advice raises questions (11/17/09)
ABC7 (KABC) (Link to audio/video content)

El Pasoans React To New Breast Cancer Recommendations (11/17/09)

Disagreement About Mammogram Guidelines (11/17/09)

New mammogram guidelines frustrate doctors, cancer survivors (11/17/09)
Tampa Tribune

National Mammography Recommendations Revised (11/17/09)
Modern Medicine

Co-author: Mammogram Study's Advice 'Misinterpreted' (11/17/09)
PBS (Link to audio/video content)

Biennial mammography initiated at age 50 achieved most benefits of annual screening (11/17/09)
Heme/Onc Today

Panel: Mammograms Should Start At 50, Not 40 (11/17/09)
National Public Radio (Link to audio/video content)

Study Questions Need for Annual Mammograms (11/16/09)
News Channel 8 (Link to audio/video content)

New advice: Skip mammograms in 40s, start at 50 (11/16/09)
Associated Press

Too Many Mammograms: Women can safely wait until age 50 to start getting them, an expert panel says. Get ready for the fireworks. (11/16/09)

Study Questions Need for Annual Mammograms (11/16/09)
ABC7 News

New Treatment Option for Lung Cancer Patients (11/16/09)
ABC7 News (WJLA) (Link to audio/video content)

Multiple Sessions of SRS for Common Brain Tumor Results in Lesser Swelling of the Brain (11/05/09)

The 'Lexus' of Cancer Treatment - One Man's Inspiring Drive to Survive (11/05/09)

Focused Radiation May Help Some With Lung Cancer (11/04/09)
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Less Brain Swelling Occurs With Multiple Sessions Of Stereotactic Radiosurgery For Common Brain Tumor (11/03/09)
Science Daily

New Treatment Option Emerging For Some With Early Stage Lung Cancer (11/03/09)
Science Daily

Local Partners Study Mobile Support for DC Tobacco Quitline (11/03/09)
NCI Cancer Bulletin

Breast Cancer Patients Opt for Precautionary Risk-reduction Surgery (10/30/09)
The American Journal of Hematology/Oncology

Study Links Cell Phones To Brain Tumors (10/26/09)
WUSA Channel 9

A Doctor's Devotion: Pediatric oncologist Aziza Shad is on call for her patients 24 hours a day (10/22/09)
CR Magazine

Jordan Rethinks Hormone’s Role in Breast Cancer (10/22/09)
Georgetown University News

Makeover for the spirit: Beauty stylist helps cancer patients (10/22/09)
Norwich Bulletin

American Cancer Society Stands By Cancer Screening Guidelines (10/21/09)
MSN Health & Fitness

Breast Cancer Surgeon Receives Honors for Work (10/20/09)
Georgetown University News

Gene Blamed For Immunological Disorders Shown To Protect Against Breast Cancer Development (10/15/09)
Science Daily

Study Suggests Link Between Cell Phones and Brain Tumors (10/13/09)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Early detection is key to breast cancer survival, say D.C., national officials (10/09/09)
Axcess News

Making Strides: The Georgetown Community Rallies Against Breast Cancer (10/08/09)

Black Women’s Health Study Will Continue (10/08/09)
BU Today

Fenty's Personal Mission (10/07/09)

British Embassy hosts Capital Breast Care Center reception with DC's First Lady Michelle Cross Fenty (10/06/09)
UK in the USA

Gene Test Might Predict Tamoxifen's Effectiveness (10/06/09)
MSN Health & Fitness

While Grateful for Recovery Act Funds, Experts Stress the Importance of Continued Robust Funding (10/05/09)
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Breast cancer research advancing (10/04/09)
Chicago Tribune

Indivumed to Conduct Personalized Cancer Dx Trials with Georgetown (10/02/09)
Genome Web Daily News

Personalized Therapies for Cancer Patients (10/02/09)
Pharma Live

Faith, Hope and an iPhone App (10/02/09)
Washington Post

NIH awards $5 billion in Recovery Act grants (10/01/09)
Heme/Onc Today

Georgetown receives $6.75 million to research gastrointestinal cancers (10/01/09)
The Georgetown Voice

GU opens gastrointestinal research center (10/01/09)
Washington Business Journal

GU opens gastrointestinal research center (10/01/09)
MSN Money

Many Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancers At Higher Risk For Disease Return (10/01/09)
Voice of America

Georgetown Establishes New GI Research Center (09/29/09)

More Women Having Other Breast Removed (09/28/09)
MSN Health & Fitness

Blood Test for Breast Cancer (09/17/09)
Ivanhoe Newswire

Help fight cancer by walking, or running (09/15/09)
Inside NoVA

Whiting native returns to discuss the latest on breast cancer (09/03/09)
Sioux City Journal

Sen. Ted Kennedy dies from brain cancer after exceeding medical expectations (08/26/09)

With quality treatment, Kennedy fought hard and long (08/26/09)
Boston Globe

Tamoxifen May Up Risk of Second, More Aggressive Breast Cancer (08/25/09)
US News & World Report

Palisadian Dancer Honored (08/20/09)
Palisadian Post

Everything will work out for the best in the end: Ceremony celebrates brave battles fought by children (08/12/09)
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NCI's caBIG Plans to Award $3.5M to Five In Silico Research Centers (08/10/09)

Women At High Risk Choosing Mastectomy and Ovariectomy (08/06/09)
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Women Often Opt To Surgically Remove Their Breasts, Ovaries To Reduce Cancer Risk (08/06/09)
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D.C.-required Vaccine Confusing Parents (08/05/09)
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Antibody Targeting Of Glioblastoma Shows Promise In Preclinical Tests (08/02/09)
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Study finds pesticide link to childhood leukemia (07/30/09)
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Study: Home Pesticides Linked to Childhood Cancer (07/29/09)
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Block party raises money for cancer center (07/29/09)
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Increase in thyroid cancer puzzles experts (07/29/09)

NeoPharm, Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results and Clinical Trials Update (07/27/09)
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25 Million Have Insurance, But Not Enough (07/26/09)
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Lombardi Draws on Art Therapy for Awareness Week (07/24/09)
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New colon cancer study findings reported from Georgetown University (07/21/09)

3-time cancer survivor shares story, offers hope (07/20/09)
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Avoiding Hysterectomy: Major Interventional Radiology E-Collection Info Available (07/16/09)
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Increase in Thyroid Cancer Puzzles Experts (07/14/09)
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U.S. cancer death rates continue to fall (07/02/09)
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Common Pain Relief Drug Linked to Liver Damage (07/02/09)
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EMRs from NIH (06/19/09)
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Study Leukemia Treatment Carries Risk of Breast Cancers (06/17/09)
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Dual Role In Breast Tissue For A Protein Involved In Leukemia (06/16/09)
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Protein Linked To Change In Tissue That Surround And Support Breast Tumors (06/16/09)
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Protein Linked To Change In Tissue That Surround And Support Breast Tumors (06/16/09)
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Dealing With Dying (06/02/09)
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NASA Selects Four Proposals to Study Space Radiation Risks (06/02/09)

Vaccine Fights Melanoma (06/01/09)

Many Childhood Cancer Survivors Not Checking for Second Malignancies (06/01/09)

Beating Cancer as a Kid, Only to Fight It Again as an Adult (06/01/09)
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A medical puzzle yields cancer clue (06/01/09)
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Lung CT Scans Produce False Alarms (06/01/09)

ASCO: Kids Who Survive Cancer Not Watching for Later Disease (05/31/09)
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Roche's Herceptin Extends Life In Certain Stomach Cancers (05/31/09)
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New Insights, Inroads Against Breast, Ovarian Cancers (05/31/09)

Breast cancer drug may help patients with stomach cancer (05/31/09)
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Some Antidepressants May Thwart Tamoxifen's Effect on Breast Cancer (05/31/09)
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Some antidepressants may risk breast cancer return (05/31/09)
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HealthFirst-Barrett's Esophagus (05/28/09)
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Cancer Survivors Can Still Be Fit, Study Asserts (05/28/09)
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Cancer treatments might not put the kibosh on exercise (05/28/09)
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U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall (05/27/09)
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Disorderly Proteins Turn Predictable (05/27/09)
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Experimental cancer drugs cut tumors off from repair tools (05/27/09)
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Lombardi scientist brings 'dream team' breast cancer research effort to GUMC (05/27/09)

U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall (05/27/09)
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Drug May Extend Life When Breast Cancer Spreads (05/26/09)
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Women with Breast Cancer Find Comfort and More in Mentoring Program at Georgetown (05/22/09)
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Research Reveals How Down Syndrome Shields Against Cancer (05/20/09)

Senate leader hopeful about Kennedy (05/19/09)
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New Tool in the MD's Bag: A Smartphone (05/19/09)
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3 Minute Interview-Bjerke (05/17/09)
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Sharing Cancer Info May Be Empowering (05/15/09)
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More older women with early stage breast cancer choose chemotherapy, GUMC researchers say (05/14/09)

Mothers satisfied when they share cancer genetic test results with children (05/14/09)

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy: Making Bald Beautiful (05/13/09)
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Professors Inducted Into D.C. Hall of Fame (05/11/09)
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DynCorp International Marrow Donor is a One in Seven Million Match (05/05/09)

D.C.'s Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Raises More than $6.8 Million - audio ( (05/04/09)

Ex-sailor puts teen stranger’s life first (05/04/09)
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Lombardi Cancer Center and the Capital Breast Care Center awarded $750,000 from the AVON Foundation (05/02/09)
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Making Miracles (05/01/09)

How one family’s loss saved a stranger (05/01/09)

Moderate Drinking Sails in Stormy Waters (04/30/09)

Laptops help sick kids stay connected to school, friends - video (04/27/09)
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Naturally Occurring Compounds Selectively Deplete Mutant P53 In Tumor Cells (04/24/09)
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How P53 Mutations Link To High-grade Breast Cancer, Poor Outcomes (04/22/09)
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AACR: Designer T Cells Attack Prostate Cancer (04/21/09)
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Cholesterol drugs may improve breast cancer treatment (04/21/09)
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Focusing on Energy, Medicine With Laser Precision (04/21/09)
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AACR: Walnuts Prevent Breast Cancer in Mice (04/21/09)
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Designer T Cells Fight Prostate Cancer (04/20/09)

AACR: Urine Test Might Predict Smokers' Cancer Risk (04/20/09)
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V. Craig Jordan, Internationally Renowned Breast Cancer Scientist, Joins Georgetown's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (04/20/09)
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AACR: Green Tea Blocks Activity of Cancer Drug (04/20/09)
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Large study documents how p53 mutations link to high-grade breast cancer, poor outcomes (04/20/09)
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Nanoparticles that Target Tumor Cells (04/20/09)

Experts Highlight Inroads to Preventing Cancer (04/20/09)

Fat droplet nanoparticle delivers tumor suppressor gene to tumor and metastatic cells (04/20/09)

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Experts Highlight Inroads to Preventing Cancer (04/19/09)
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64 Year Old Runs 100 Miles to Celebrate Birthday (04/18/09)

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Webcams Allow Students to Stay Connected (03/31/09)
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Monoclonal Antibodies Primed To Become Potent Immune Weapons Against Cancer (03/26/09)

Human Adult Testes Cells Can Become Embryonic-like (03/24/09)

Prostate Cancer Screening May Not Reduce Deaths (03/19/09)
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Web cam helps cancer patient not miss a beat (02/12/09)
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360? tumor busters (02/06/09)
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Targeting Cancer's Own Stem Cells to Fight Recurrence (01/21/09)
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Kennedy takes ill at luncheon (01/21/09)
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