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GURT 2011 Workshops

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Note: Please register for workshops on our registration page.

    • 10am-12pm
      Mirjana N. Dedaic
      ICC 107

      Netaphor Wiki
    • 10am-12pm
      Anna Trester & Laura West
      ICC 105

      Facework on Facebook: Intertextuality and Politeness Moves in an Online Social Networking Community
    • 1pm-3pm
      Edward Maloney
      ICC 105

      Student Engagement and New Media Technologies
    • 1pm-3pm
      Patricia O'Connor
      ICC 227

      Eliciting Narrative: Using Digital Formats in Teaching Interdisciplinary Uses of Narrative
    • 3:15pm-5:15pm
      Ilana Gershon
      ICC 105

      Conducting Research on New Media In and Out of Classrooms