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The study of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is necessarily interdisciplinary in nature, and Georgetown's course offerings span a remarkably complete range of possible areas, largely due to our unique configuration of faculty resources. Specialists in SLA reside in departments across the university and help to provide a comprehensive selection of courses and research opportunities at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The pursuit of studies in this field can include a focus not only on the linguistic, cognitive, social, and affective variables of SLA, but also on practice: learning new languages, gaining in-depth knowledge of other cultures, and applying research findings to L2 instructional methodology.


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Particular areas of study in the field of SLA at Georgetown University include:

  • Applied cognitive linguistics
  • Approaches and methologies of second language teaching
  • Bilingualism
  • Brain imaging and the neurobiology of SLA
  • Cognitive variables in SLA
  • Curriculum construction
  • Development and models of interlanguage systems
  • Discourse analysis, pragmatics and language teaching
  • Environmental variation in SLA, including social factors
  • Generative approaches to SLA
  • Individual differences in SLA
  • Input, interaction and SLA
  • Instructed SLA
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Reading, writing and SLA
  • Research methologies in SLA
  • Second language assessment practices
  • Second language classroom contexts
  • SLA and the advanced learner
  • Task-based language learning and teaching
  • Theoretical issues in SLA
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